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Autism. Help To Special Children - Charity Fund

Charity Fund “Autism. Help To Special Children” and the Non-Government Organization“ Help To Special Children” have been created with the aim of organizing and providing a comprehensive assistance to children with special needs, in particular with AUTISM. We organize fundraising as charitable donations that are intended: - to pay for medical diagnosis of children with autism in laboratories and rehabilitation centers, as well as testing - to pay for treatment for children with atism prescribed by doctors and nutritionists in clinics, centers, visiting sessions, - to pay for medicaments and dietary supplements prescribed by doctors and nutritionists for children with autism - to pay of nutritional therapy for children with autism - publishing of manuals, books, teaching materials on autism, concomitant diseases and other aspects, with the aim of providing such materials to parents of children with autism, as well as to specialists working in this field FOR FREE, - pay for training parents and specialists in corrective work with children with atism. Also in perspective is the creation of the first in the world center of a boarding house type in which full-fledged work with children with autism will be carried out, including full medical diagnostics, testing of cognitive and physical development, medical treatment, diet therapy (nutraceutical), a full range of correctional therapies (40- 50 hours a week). For this, a fundraising program has been created, which includes: - receiving the medical diagnostic and medical equipment for comprehensive diagnosis of children as charity donations - receiving funds as charity donations to pay for the premises of the center, training specialists for diagnostics, treatment and correctional therapy, creating a nutritional therapy unit, as well as a training unit for parents and specialists. We call up all concerned people to make charitable donations to programs paid by our Fund and the Public Organization. Alina Zderchuk Head of the International Charity Fund "Autism. Help To Special Children" Head of the Non-Government Organization "Help To Special Children"